The Star Atlas shows a 360 degree view of the night sky for any given location and time up to an elevation of 60 degrees. The application shows stars down to a magnitude of 5 along with all the planets.

You can use your mouse to click and drag the screen around (or use the left and right keys) in a 360 degree circle of the sky. Clicking on a star or planet will reveal further information about it.

Click the clock (or press T) to set your required time and date, anything from 1000BC - 3000AD

Click the globe (or press L) to set your location and timezone. You can either enter these manually or choose from preset locations of many of the major worldwide cities.

You can close any window by clicking the X in the top right corner or pressing the Escape key on your keyboard

You can search for a particular star or planet by typing the name in the search box and pressing enter, if it is visible then the sky will rotate to center on it.

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